A Conversation At Work
When I work my regular job, I typically keep to myself. I'm not that into sports and my politics clash with most of the people I work with. Be and let be.

I got an interesting surprise when my boss started talking about books he was reading. He's a hard-working, get-the-job-done type--a group that literature in most forms has largely abandoned.

His enthusiasm for the series he was reading led to other coworkers directing him toward me. So I shut my book and we talked.

Eventually, he asked, "You ever read King?"

"I grew up on King."

For a lot of the back and forth we shared, one thing stuck out after this point: how strongly Stephen King created the monsters in his story "The Mist."

Yet I knew the source of that inspiration came not from the hard drug use my boss suspected (the drugs were a bigger deal when King wrote The Tommyknockers), but in the Master of Horror's love of Lovecraft.

I knew this from the great memoir/writing manual On Writing, but I also knew this from my appreciation of dark fantasy and the macabre notions hidden in the video game Bloodborne.

When we hear of mysterious cities filled with monstrous evil, is the collective unconscious driving us toward those ancient realms of thought?

Is there a real difference between Castle Rock, Yharnam, Siken, and R'lyeh?