Ep 5: From Cam Girl to Business Badass w/Cassie Howard
Cassie Howard is a business consultant for badass women entrepreneurs and one of my personal business idols. She gives no fucks, is consistently engaging on social media, and she makes a fuckton of money doing it. Cassie is not shy about anything, much less her introduction into the online business through being a cam girl.

To give you a little peek into Cassie's world, one of her most recent emails was entitled: "Everything I know about business, I learned from porn." She makes bold statements like this frequently and has the knowledge to back up her bait!


Connect with Cassie:
Website:   www.cassiehoward.com  
Facebook: facebook.com/cassiehowardbiz/  
Facebook Group: Babes in Business - facebook.com/groups/babesinbiz/  
Twitter: twitter.com/cassiehowardbiz
Instagram: instagram.com/cassiehowardbiz/