New and improved Trees!

This week I worked on adding a GT variant of Rubber Trees to the Game, but since there is more than enough space, I decided to add a bit more. Right now only Maple Trees though. Both new Tree Types are a proof of concept basically.

The Rubber Trees usually but not always have a Resin Hole, just like IC2 Rubber Trees. You can get their Resin by just rightclicking the Hole, no Treetap needed for this. The important Part of those Trees though is, that the Tree Holes require naturally spawned Leaves in the natural shape of the Tree, in order to produce Resin. If you shear the Leaves away or they don't spawn with enough Leaves, the thing will stay dry. Oh and naturally spawned means that you can't just go the IHL route and place some Leaves on a Log yourself. The GT Rubber Trees do not spawn in a Swamp btw, that is the only hint I give.

I also added Maple Trees, including Maple Sap and Maple Syrup. For tapping a Maple Tree you just need a Hand Drill and rightclick to drill the Tree Hole. Same Rules as for the Resin Hole of the Rubber Tree apply, with the Leaves and stuff.

There is a Resin/Sap Bag too, which you can place at a Resin Hole or Sap Hole in order to automatically collect the Stuff. Then you just need to rightclick the Bag (with a Bottle or Measuring Pot for Fluids) to extract the collected Material.

The Planks and Logs of the new Trees are all Spawnproof, so they have at least some benefit aside from their Colors, which I intentionally made very colorful.

So get your Trees here, while their Logs and Planks are still instant minable because I didn't make sure that their Hardness level was proper (all my tests where in creative so I didn't notice), what I gonna fix next release. Likely a Bugfix release tomorrow. ;D

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