Play Novel: Silent Hill Virtual Boy Demo

July 1

That past winter has been slow and during it, we have worked on several side projects. After the new Dungeon Crawler build we have shared with our backers recently, here is another one to sweeten your waiting time for the release of Formula V: "Play Novel: Silent Hill". This is a true to the original remake of the Japan exclusive Game Boy Advance game, featuring the excellent unofficial English translations by Toby Normoyle.

This demo features the introduction chapter of Harry's scenario, trading cards, intro FMV and HiColor images as well as PCM music and sound effects. Although it lets you select a save slot, it does not yet support saving your progress. (Not that it would make any sense with only the introduction chapter anyway.)

Weighing 32 MBit, this demo fits on HyperFlash32, HyperBoy or any other flash cart with sufficient space. Of course, it also works nicely on emulators. Enjoy!

For the further course of this project, we have been thinking of a community-driven effort. We would, for instance, love to have stereo conversions of all the in-game images, but that would take ages to do on our own, and divert way too much from our main projects. So if anyone good at making depth maps wants to collaborate, get in touch either here, via Twitter or Discord.

Sources are available on Github.

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