We don't always know what is coming when we wake up that day. Never will it be clear who will be in our lives by the end of the week. For that matter, we can't be too sure who will be new in our path either. Truth remains the same, things change. Live moves on and what was will never be again. How can this be embraced? Is it something to ignore before it becomes to real!? Hell with it, have fun with the unknown. Hey, you never know...

In my short time living in this world, on the planet Earth, now somehow 1 of 8 other options... I have figured that it is time to utilize my time the best way I can. Those who come into my life and drain me will be excommunicated from my world. I say “excommunicated” with a profound belief that my personal world is a state of religious embrace. We all are this way. We are a holy place of opportunity and divine blessing. Believing in God or not is irrelevant. You should believe in your value as a person.

 So now I move forward everyday, having cleansed my soul of darkness and pain. Dancing in the blood of light across my face, dreaming in open faucets doused my feet in warm hope. And from here I stand clear of all that came before. I am the mountain of opportunity, the King of my personal domain. Let me breathe in the truth of my eyes and listen with my heart corrupted no more but fear and that which has departed. And when I begin to tense up I must remain the same and it changes... 

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