A Brief Updates of the Going-Ons
As you're all probably aware, since about January I've been working on developing a game. My goal with this project is to get a marketable demo out and a presentable enough pitch so that I can get this project funded through kickstarter as soon as I possibly can. 

Given that my financial situation is uhhhh deteriorating pretty quickly, I've reached a bit of a crossroads. While the comics ARE growing, I seem to be at a point where if I have any hope of making an actual income off of it, it's going to require more of an actual financial investment on my part, between paying for physical books to be made, paying to attend cons, traveling, etc. This is taking on more risk that I can afford right now. 

Comparatively, continuing to work on the game to get it funded through kickstarter feels like the safer decision going forward. I have more confidence in my ability to achieve crowdfunding goals on the game than I would have say, trying to crowdfund printed Bent Pins collections or Undecayed books right now.

With that said, Undecayed and Bent Pins will be undergoing a hiatus for the next 2-3 months as I focus all of my efforts on getting the game ready to pitch, with plans to resume updating the comics once things settle down.

As far as patreon goes, this means that you may not exactly be getting what you signed up for. If you were here because you liked the comics, I'd understand completely if you decided to remove your pledge. I mean, in ANY case, I have no problem when people take back their pledges, just know that if you needed an excuse to absolve yourself of any feelings of guilt, this could be it. Know however that I know as well as anyone that financial situations change, interests change, whatever else may be the case, it's not something I would ever take personally.

What does this mean for people who continue to pledge to patreon? Obviously you won't be getting the comics here for the time being. What you WILL be getting, is more insight into the development process than you'd maybe see on the tumblr blog , with more of a focus on the creative side of it, getting sneak peaks at concept art and design choices. For the willing and/or curious, I may continue to post development builds so people can try out new features and let me know what they think.

If anyone has any feedback on this at all, let me know, and thanks for taking the time to read!