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Every link in the Detox Library represents a part of my anti-aging  journey.  

They are ALL part of my lifestyle.

It took me a full 5 years to detox all the way back to my childhood vaccines.

This is where true anti-aging begins: when dead water in each cell is recycled.

One of the first signs that my water was becoming cleaner was evident in the whites of my eyes. They became super white, like a young child's.

Many of my before and afters are a reflection of my saliva PH. 

It dropped as low as 4.8

but has now been 7.2

for 2 years and 6 months.


If you become an intense student of health & lifestyle, you can change your life!

Take the first step.  

Learn.  Experiment. Observe.

Disclaimer: My research links completely contain opinions that are not my own. 

However, they were extremely important in my journey to find answers. 

Most concepts within alternative health are theory, and anecdotal. There are conflicting opinions on everything. That's why being a thorough student is necessary.

This research is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of illness. Please consult a physician. 

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