• I now have nearly full support for Japanese on the site
  • The main exception is patch notes which I'm planning on keeping English only
  • I spent a decent amount of time setting up internationalization support so adding new languages will be fairly simple (from a technical standpoint) if I can find any assistance in translation

Partial Internationalization

  • All versions of champion names are now supported
  • Japanese, Korean, ¬†Russian, Chinese (mainland China), Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Malaysia)
  • I translated the site personally from English to Japanese but unfortunately don't have the knowledge to translate it to any other language. But hopefully this will at least help those who know English but are used to champion names in their native language use the site more easily
  • If you or anyone you know would be willing to help me translate the site into other languages (or can review my Japanese translation) it would be much appreciated!

Champion Records Redesign

I redid the design for the Review -> Records tab with the following goals:

1. Make it easier to read
2. Make it look nicer
3. Take more use of the large amount of empty space

The Review -> Overview tab has similar issues so if I can think of a good design I'll probably give it the same treatment in the near future

Upcoming Clash Tournament

Translation disclaimers

  • The Leaderboard page is not currently translated due to being built differently from the rest of the site to gather and display lots of data
  • Because the page is mostly just a list of names, I think it is a pretty minor issue compared to the difficulty of making it work with other languages. So I'm not currently planning on fixing it
  • I am not a professional translator so there are likely several errors in my Japanese translation
  • If you are proficient in the language and notice errors or have better suggestions I would love to hear about them

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