Developer's report - 2017 March
New features, developments I have been working on:

- Claiming without decks. I'm much happier if you do claim with decklists, but I was asked for this feature often. (You won't get any badges for the claim if you do it without decklists though...)

- New badges. This includes "faction mastery" badges, which are pretty hard to get. Check out all the badges here:

- Tournament title is not mandatory anymore. If you leave it empty,  it will be "store name/city - tournament type".

- Profile claim list revamped. You can see tournament type and date on the claim list of profiles.

- I wrote an article on Cerebral Imaging:

- Admin page improvements. I know, you don't get to see this, but it provides a lot of info for my admins and me.

- Various bugfixes and usability improvements


I also have been experimenting with and learning the Vue.js front-end framework. With it, I made a boardgame/videogame results tracking webapp for my gaming group. Yes, we are competitive AF :) You can check it out here:

If you are interested, I can point you to the GitHub repository.

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