Photogrammetric Rock2
Hi Patrons!

Here is a new realistic rock ; this time I made it by using a custom lightroom for the photos. =)

As usual, I've made 10 LODs (64k to 125 tris) and textures resolution decreases each 2 LOD (4k² to 256² ; 1024² to 64² for occlusion maps).

Obviously I'll make the cluster version soon. =)

This asset is licensed under CC-0 (4.0 or later)


Edit: I added the source rock files. CAREFUL, it's heavy (~2M tris & 8k texture) ! This way if you want to re-bake the textures by yourself, now you can.

 EDIT : added a 4k² textures version (1k² for occlusions) + better files naming for consistency with newer rocks. Multi-archives due to Patreon file size limitation.