New GNOME ISO to launch with the next snapshot
All the interesting details are in the softpedia post, but I want to clarify things for people who might misinterpret this: It does not take any of my time away. Joshua Strobl is the maintainer for the GNOME ISO.

Remember, Budgie 10 is tightly based on GNOME, we already have, use, and rely on this GNOME stack. The core difference is that instead of having "lightdm", "budgie-desktop", and "budgie-desktop-branding" in the ISO definition file, we now have "gdm", "gnome-shell", "gnome-desktop-branding".

In terms of my time absorbed, it's actually about another 20 minutes when I do the public ISO snapshot, and it's not regular enough for that to be in any way a concern :)

We know lots of people in Solus have been using GNOME Shell for a long time,  so we're now making that a first class experience (instead of some hybrid Budgie/GNOME Shell setup). For a long time we've been of the opinion that it's kinda silly *not* to have this GNOME Shell ISO.

We'll provide some testing ISOs to those of our Patrons interested in this, and value your feedback :)