An Overwatch For Everyone - The TouchArcade Show #301
Hey guys!

We've had a few people who have dropped off our Patreon who filled out the exit survey saying we weren't interacting with them how they expected. If there's anything different you guys would like to see us do with the video podcast, particularly the Patreon pre-show thing, please let us know. We just do what we do now because we're not super sure what you guys want to see and just sort of assume everyone is happy!

If that's not the case, please reach out, we value the opinions of each and every one of you.

Anyway, this week's show is pretty great, filled with some Hearthstone chat and a little talk about the new Modern Combat game. From there, we hop into game discussion and talk about the following titles:

-Pixel Drifters

-Drop Not!

-Monsu 2

-Faily Tumbler


-Transformers: Forged to Fight