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41:South Book Now Available to Purchase!

August 8

Huge news today: The 41 South book is shipping!

This is all 10 episodes of the patreon bonus special 41:South available as a real paperback book you can hold in your human hands and read with your human eyes.

I have been working with 41:South author and creator of Dr Redwing, Robert Bettelheim and after many iterations we are ready to present this to you.

As Robert is a debut author with Amazon, their algorithm has no basis for pre-stocking this print on demand book (it keeps the prices down).  This may have the effect of listing the book as "Temporarily out of stock" – it isn't out of stock, its just that Amazon don’t know how to optimise their print run to meet demand yet. 

Think of it as a pre-order period. If you want a copy, please order it regardless, and Amazon will get the idea.

Also, please leave a review… apparently 50 reviews trips their algorithm up to the next gear.

I'm holding the book right now, I can't wait for you to hold it too!

Links here:

Thank you!


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