Highshield: A New Fantasy Novel For Patreon
This year I embarked on a journey to tell an epic fantasy story. I've completed several fantasy novels over the years, and I missed the genre, so while I write Spinward Fringe, I'll continue work on Highshield, a story that takes place in the same world as Brigthwill but in a very different part.

The first section of this novel is complete. At first I'll release several chapters to get everyone started, then I'll be releasing one or two chapters a week for Patrons only. At some point I'll publish parts of this book as ebooks, but that won't take place for months.  During those months, Tier 2 and above Patreon members will see a new chapter every week.

Today I'm proud to present the opening chapters. I'm looking forward to discussing your comments and questions in a podcast that'll come this month. Thank you for joining me on this journey, the first few chapters will be visible to everyone who visits my Patreon page.


Here's the link to the preview, which includes the Preface and first three chapters: https://www.patreon.com/posts/8747412