Designer & Devourer Episode 1, 200wordRPG, Punch, and Upcoming Interviews

New podcast, I think?

Note: This is my first time recording a larger piece and my first podcast, so please understand I'm new! I hope to use some music in the intros sometime in the future, possibly? But here's it!

Designer & Devourer is a 15-30 minute audio episode with my thoughts on upcoming games, design, and game theory, plus a semi-relevant personal or internet-sourced recipe. This week I talk upcoming interviews on Thoughty, the #200wordRPG contest, and my Great Grandma's punch recipe.

Check out Charon, my entry for the 200 Word RPG contest here on Google Drive.

Great Grandma's Punch Recipe

a fun substitute for Ambrosia (according to a similar internet recipe!)

1 bottle ginger ale, 7Up, or Sprite
1 large can pineapple juice (not frozen)
1 small can frozen orange juice (don't add water)
Pour into a large punch bowl and stir slowly until the orange juice is fully mixed in, adding lime sherbert or vanilla ice cream.
Top with maraschino cherries if desired, or an ice ring made with pineapple juice and cherries (use a silicone bundt cake mold!).

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