Raising Your SMV and Finding a Great Spouse is Hard Work
We all live busy lives and its very easy to become focused on the easy fix, the quick solution and the simple answer. Culture promotes conveniences, the avoidance of suffering at all costs and immediate gratification. This type of mindset is wholly destructive to personal growth and the development of satisfying relationships.

When people buy a car or a new phone they often spend many hours pouring over technical specifications, checking prices, calling dealers, looking for the best fit for their needs. Yet when it comes to looking for an excellent spouse they somehow think that it will just happen without any effort.

This wasn’t always the case. Our ancestors understood the importance of preparing young people for courtship and marriage. They knew how to advise their children when choosing a mate. They had high standards for both sexes and were well aware of the horrible consequences that result from failed marriages. Because of this they expended an enormous amount of time, money and energy to make sure that relationships were solid and durable.

Today we have it all backwards. In general parents are not preparing and teaching their children to be great husbands, fathers, wives and mothers. Instead of investing in self improvement and the vetting of potential mates they pressure their own goals. This is leaving a path of destruction in society, unhappy marriages, broken children, and disillusioned adults.

The good news is that you can avoid being one of the statics if you are willing to make the necessary effort. Good marriages are not the result of chance or luck. They are the result of accurate knowledge about SMV and relationships, careful planning and a series of good decisions. 

Improving your SMV and finding a spouse is going to require:

  • Time (so start early)
  • Effort (you will have to work hard at it)
  • Money (its an investment in your future)
  • Suffering (change is uncomfortable)
  • Support structure (your family, friends, the SVM4K community)

Join our community and start improving your SMV today.

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