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Perfect Dominant Path for first 4 days:

  • <I´d better go in and stop this madness.>
  • Of course not!
  • <Punch Didac in the face.>
  • Good morning... (Mystery Girl)
  • Good morning, Neus
  • <Wound his alpha male pride for "being scared of a high fever that even children withstand at home.>
  • <I better help him take shi shower.>
  • <You get completely naked.>
  • <Legs.>
  • <Back.>
  • <His front.>
  • <His privates.>
  • <Go to class in order to look for the weird girl.>
  • Good morning (Again the Mystery Girl)
  • No, relax, it´s not serious...
  • No
  • Honestly, no.
  • <Grab her wrists and corner her against the wall to show your anger.>
  • <Grip her wrist tighter so she can´t move.>
  • <Order the same drink as Neus.>
  • Yeah, well... a bit, certainly.
  • Not at all. Truth be told, I longed to be with you tonight.
  • <Show your knowledge about witches.>
  • I could escort you home, thought.
  • But maybe I´d like to know where you live.
  • Neus, let me accompany you.
  • Well, since you invited me so kindly, it´s hard to refuse your offer.
  • <Approach to kiss her.>
  • <Try to cheer her up and ask her how you can help.>
  • <Didac... those are some awesome melons...>
  • Truth be told, I wouldn´t object...
  • Masturbate.
  • I would never do that! Especially not when you could get pregnant. Then you´d never get your original body back!
  • Truthfully, that´s not such a bad idea...
  • I could go with you.
  • <Try to calm him down.>
  • <Be stoic and hold.>
  • <Stay.>
  • <Leave.>
  • <Grab her ass firmly.>

    (If you want to go to Force Scene):
       <Lower her pants and put a finger in her ass.>            
           . <Put a finger in her ass and go faster.> (If you want to go to rape scene)            
           . Like hell I´m going to stop!
  •  <Put a finger in her pussy, as well, and incrase the speed of both.>

 1rst date with the Mystery Woman. 

  • Press green phone button.
  •  Of course I know!
  •  Museu d´Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Comtemporary Art)
  •  No thanks.
  •  It depends on the museum
  •  Why? Are these the only ones you know?
  •  The Museum of Footbal Club Barcelona

    (Here you can choose between classic art or Modern Art, I chose Classic)
  •  Althought I know it, I prefer classical figrative art.
  •  Yes, of course
  •  The origin of the world
  •  That althought the painter was homosexual, he was fascinated by the intimate feminine part
  •  It´s famous work, but little seen.
  •  Miguel Ángel
  •  Man creating God
  •  Adam´s creation
  •  On the roof of the Vatican´s Sistine Chapel
  •  The red robe around God has the shape of the human uterus and the green scarf is the newly cut umbilical cord
  •  The mantle where God is actually represents a human brain
  •  An unidentified flying object appears
  •  Francisco Goya
  •  The case of the witches of Zugarramurdi
  •  The magic circle
  •  The incubus
  •  The nightmare
  •  Occultism and religion
  •  I just go out with her to do a favor to a friend
  •  Are you jealous?
  •  Has no one ever taught you education?
  •  <Follow her>
  •  Figurative art is defined by the representation of recognizable forms
  •  It´s totally figurative
  •  It looks figrative
  •  He looks like a man in a bridge position with several testicles hanging from him
  •  Well that has been operated on the buttocks to be appreciated by people who do not even know, for a heartbreaking price
  •  The masculine submission in its maximum expression
  •  I really doubt it

           (From here, your decisions will mark how will be your next date with her, Dominant or Submissive, I show the Dominant way).
  •  I guess I´ve never met anyone who got me submissive
  •  Between 30 and 35
  •  Never, but it´s something I´ve been curious about
  •  I really doubt it
  •  <Follow her>
  •  Meritxell
  •  Intriguing
  •  Escort
  •  I actually tink that makes you even more interesting
  •  Succubus
  •  Once it seemed to me her eyes changed color...
  •  If I tell you, what assurances do I have that you will not tell anyone else?

2nd date with Neus in the 4th day at night.

  • … What´s wrong with meat?
  • … What´s wrong with eggs?
  • … What´s wrong with milk?
  • I think I´ve already an idea…
  • Yes. I like even B-movies, with blood and guts.
  • Practical Magic, 1998.
  • No.
  • Yes, although at the time I don´t know if I would be able to do it…
  • <Say nothing.>
  • <Say nothing.>
  • Maybe in some case…
  • <Say nothing.>
  • Well, certain boys who have a somewhat ambiguous physiognomy…
  • <Say nothing.>
  • If I were really in love with her, it´s possible.
  • <Say nothing.>
  • <Say nothing.>
  • Maybe…
  • <Say nothing.>
  • It depends, if she have done it to protect her life, then yes.
  • <Say nothing.>
  • Keep eating even if you don´t like it at all.
  • Exciting…
  • Well, considering I already know where you live, I could accompany you home.
  • <Give her a Fren kiss (with tongue).>
  • <Explain her it may be your fault.>
  • Sorry, I couldn´t help it.
  • Of course.
  • Is that, or you´ll have me awake the whole night…
  • Why not?
  • Honestly it tastes terrible.
  • <Encourage her to kiss you.>
  • Then I´d better leave you alone! <(Simulating anger)>

    (If you choose <Try to convince her> and then <Force her against the wall to rape her>, it comes the bloody creepy scene).
  • I promise.
  • No Neus… if I have to, I´d like to see you.
  • <Accept.>
  •  I would prefer to do it to you at the same time
  •  It´s making noise...
  •  Warn her when you´re about to come
  •  <Inside>

 Didac 4th day at night.

  •  Didac... You´re a damn guy! My friend! I would never do that.

    (If you chose the other option, you will go to the PARK scene)
  •  Okay...
  •  Okay then, Let´s fuck like animals!

The game advance slow on FREE version, you can wait to the next month if you want enjoy better the walkthrought. Your choice.

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