Photogrammetric Rock2 - Cluster
Hi Patrons!

Here is the cluster version. =)

I'm not sure if it's relevant to do that but for the LOD0-128k I decided to keep its texture resolution at 8k².

I also made a gif where I fake the distance change to see how it looks over distance. Not perfect at all but give a nice idea how it would look. ^^;

The archive was so big I had to cut it in half ; Patreon's limit is 200MB per file.

As usual, I've made 10 LODs (128k to 250 tris) and textures resolution decreases each 2 LOD (8k² to 256² ; 2048² to 128² for occlusion maps).

This asset is licensed under CC-0 (4.0 or later)


EDIT : added a 4k² textures version (1k² for occlusions) + better files  naming for consistency with newer rocks. Multi-archives due to Patreon  file size limitation.