Designer & Devourer Episode 2
This week we talk about upcoming interviews and features, as well as Turn (my shapeshifter game in progress), poverty in rural towns, and a recipe from my childhood, Brownie Stew!

Crescendo Giocoso:


Caitlynn Belle:


Town building in Turn:   


Rural Poverty Statistics:


Brownie Stew

1 lb ground beef (seasoned as preferred, optionally using garlic and/or pepper)

½ onion, diced to ½ inch or smaller

1 bell pepper, diced to ½ inch or smaller

4 regular size cans condensed Campbells vegetarian vegetable soup

4 cups of white Minute rice with 4 cups water (if using other rice, this is 8 cups cooked equivalent)

Brown the burger with onion and pepper. Drain grease from the mixture. Add into the mixture the cans of soup and add one soup can of water. Heat the mix until it is evenly hot.

Separately make the 4 cups of white Minute rice using the Minute rice instructions or the 8 cups rice otherwise cooked. Pour the stew mix over the rice. Salt to taste.