Darkness Dusted With Light
This is the piece of digital art that I created to accompany my Icon Alchemy astrology blog post for April 20th, 2017

Despite favoring black-and-white for my divinatory drawings (currently in hiatus but not forgotten), I don't usually work in black-and-white digitally.  More even than with my analog work, my digital pieces determine their own colour, usually in palettes that resonate with cyberpunk, retrowave, or science fiction themes, though also sometimes oddly soft or even antique-looking - I never know how they're actually going to turn out until that moment when a piece tells me its done.  This is one of my few black-and-white digital images, and I suppose it's an odd choice for Earth Day, but since this Earth Day sees Pluto stationed retrograde, it seemed like the only choice to me.

History is told by the victors, black words on white pages, and Pluto digs up the things the victors have hidden in the darkness, the injustices buried or glossed over now spilling out to cover the brighter story with the inky truth previously denied.  But in that blackness is life, the wholeness of who we are finally revealed, the fertile soil fed by the things we left to rot.  Among those cultures where black is traditionally worn at funerals, its purpose is to affirm life by mirroring that fertile soil.  The darkness of the Earth doesn't need bright and sanitized images to help her do her healing, but rather needs for us to remember and nourish the soil, rather than continuing to poison her into bright and lifeless desert dust.