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8BG 4 - Dodgeball is now available!
Hello everyone!

Dodgeball is now complete and ready to play! You can play it in browser at or download it from You'll also notice I've also combined all the listings into one bundle. From now on, when I release a new 8BG game I'll add it to this bundle so you can see them all in one place.

Dodgeball is a simple sports game where you grab the balls and throw them at the opponent while trying to dodge theirs. First to 10 points wins!

I'm really proud of this game. It was a study in game AI and I think I made a computer player that is challenging but not impossible. It was also a study in programming for pseudo 3d space, which I think worked out very well! All the game calculations and physics take place on a 2d plane, but the screen gets drawn on a bit of a slant perspective, which looks pretty cool.

Thanks again for all your support, if you enjoyed the game, please share it!
I'm already getting started on the design process for game 5. Spoilers: It's going to be multiplayer!!


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