8th Annual Fire Muster (Parade Footage)
For those of you not in the McCloudians (Facebook group) that did not get to make it to the Muster, here is the Parade footage. It will take me several days to get the rest of the games footage up on my Youtube channel that did no go direct to Facebook the day of. 

My sunburn was worth it.

There was a point in time that Ally McNamara (Selkies' Skins) was slotted to become a magical firefighter, as she is a fire witch, before I settled on the idea that she would eventually gain Mrs. Kitsch's post (remember, she's a Cowan, technically, but in that grey area between the camps) at some point after graduating. Mrs. Kitsch had no one to pass her responsibilities to, as her husband (believed to be a selkie) disappeared before she had children.

Maybe one day I will get around to writing about what befell him, and why Kirsty and David at one point will encounter his ghost at the lighthouse ruins, and they also encounter Mrs. Kitsch's father's ghost there at another point. I doubt either of those stories will fit into the main stories, so would end up being side books if I ever get to them.