9/16/15 - This Week's Scheduling Foul Up
Due to a real life issue and a minor computer problem, the schedule for this week got cocked up. Today (Wednesday), I'm pushing out the Megadungeon article on the website and I've also put up the YouTube version of the first episode of The Angry GM LIVE! and Unscreened. On Friday, this week's feature article will go live on the site. I might get it out tomorrow afternoon if possible, but definitely by Friday. All the great content will be there. The schedule for this week just got a little borked. But all is well. Thanks for your support and I apologize for the inconvenience. 
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Thanks for your support! I don't hate you. I'll even put your name on a list of people I don't hate right on my website. So that you can tell the world I don't hate you. Officially. And if you ever find me at a convention, a game store, or other public venue, just introduce yourself and I will tell anyone you are with that I don't hate you. Hell, I'll even write down that I don't hate you on something if you really want it.

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Thanks for your support! I don't hate you. Seriously. This is a serious level of not-hatred. Just like everyone else I don't hate, you can tell the world I don't hate you. And if you find me in some sort of public venue, I will confirm that I don't hate you in front of actual human beings. In addition, if you've got a blog or a Twitter feed or a Twitch channel or a YouTube channel or something geeky and game related, I'll go ahead and put THAT on a list right on my website with a link so the world can get at it. As long as its clean, relatively safe for work, apolitical, and geek-related in some capacity. Obviously, if I ain't comfortable giving the link, I'll let you know and you can decide whether its worth keeping the pledge level. And I'll check your s$&% out myself too. If it's really good, I might even call it out somehow or rate, comment, favorite, or subscribe. That ain't a promise of endorsement. But impress me, and I'll let people know.

You also get access to the Angry Discord Server! What's that? It's a Discord server where we have all sorts of cool discussions about gaming or whatever. Not only that, you'll get to listen to The Angry GM Unscreened Monthly Live Chat via Discord. Or you'll be able to download it later on as a super secret MP3 file just for you.


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Thanks for your support! If I had friends, I'd call you a friend. But I don't. So the best I can do is call you a frienemy. 

First of all, you get the above rewards. I will add you to a list of frienemies and I'll share a link to your thing if you want it, just like the people I seriously don't hate. Same rules apply. And if you ever run into me in public, you can force me to confirm that we are frienemies. I might even be willing to give you a Frienemy Hug - which is basically a hug where you don't touch me and I don't punch you in retaliation - but only if you catch me on a good day. And you'll get to hang out on the Angry Discord server and listen to the monthly Live Chat. And if you have a microphone and the guts to do it, you might even have the opportunity to ask a question during the Live Chat and get personally abused by me. 

Not only that, I'll also let you see my stuff. See, I have a secret stash of content I've gradually been building up for my own games. It's got maps, custom monsters, and all sorts of other little odds and ends. And if you're my frienemy, you get access to it. And there will be new stuff in there every month. 

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Thanks for your support. Not only do I not hate you, seriously, and consider you a frienemy, I'm willing to consider you a potential victim. You get all the previous stuff and all the same rules apply. Thank you, hand shake, Discord, Live Chat participation, and the Angry Secret Stash. But you might get an invitation to be a part of the League of the Blue Cloak when a slot opens up. That's a game I run online. And if you get in, you're guaranteed access to one of several four-hour gaming session each month. 

Obviously, I can only run so many games at a time and I invite players to fill open slots every three months. So don't pledge at this level if you're ONLY doing it to get in on the online game. And if you're curious if there are open slots, feel free to contact me. 

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