It wouldn’t be marbles without shooters and it wouldn’t be a Mattel shooter if it wasn’t cool. Caleb Chung. literally ‘chewed out’ shooter after shooter tests, each different and unique.

   Finally he created the ultimate...the LASER1:MAG LOAD 5! It had a five-marble magazine for rapid fire and a red l.e.d. that put a red dot on the target marble. Very cool.

   One interesting thing about the design of this product was the fact that, by company policy, Mattel did not make toy guns or things that ‘shot’ out projectiles, and this fell into that category. The Safety and Reliability Group was a team of really cool engineers who tried to make our toys as safe as possible.  Even though the prototypes we were proposing were far from production models, they worked with us, and it was decided that simply by leaving off the bottom of the shooter (so it had to be on a flat surface to work) we could satisfy all the shooting safety concerns.