9 Ways Atheist Moms Are Different From Religious Moms

Almost daily, I get comments on my Instagram posts or replies to my tweets that I’m doing some sort of disservice to my kids for raising them without religion. Y’all know me, I don’t give two fucks what the brainwashed Jeeby lovers think of me, but I’d like to destroy this sentiment anyway. Let’s be honest, some of the voodoo woo woo horseshit religious moms feed their kids is what is truly detrimental to a growing mind. Sure, I recognize that not all religious moms are the same. Some are wonderful and accepting and truly do a great job with their kids. Others, well, others seem to take that book of theirs too seriously and do or say things to their kids that no atheist mom ever would. Not one of us.

Here are nine ways atheist moms differ from religious moms:

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