Abjuration Club, September 2014
A "proof of concept" of the Patreon zine, now provisionally titled ABJURATION CLUB. Among the contents of this issue: * Bad Mother (5 strips, two in-progress ones that are Not Yet Online) * Allegories of Love (an excerpt from my novel-in-progress SUMMER FUN) * Some characters from SUMMER FUN, illustrated * A letter to cis writers on how to write trans characters if you gotta * A really really dashed-off story about a video game, to be published in a video game, if you're into that * Sketchbook drawings * other grim miscellanea Please sample this installment for free, and if you like it please consider making this contribution thing ON THE REG. $2/month ain't so much, and it helps stuff like "Instar Books," "Rocksalt Magazine," and "keeping solvent" continue to happen.