Hey guys, start of a new month! I know I only did one update last month despite planning two, this is really because I just had a really bad month-healthwise and spent about a third of it at doctors or just stuck in bed. I only did this Patreon because my health is so bad I can't hold a job, but previously it hadn't been affecting my ability to write - now it is. So I'll have a hopeful schedule for updates at the start of each month but if I don't make them, it's 100% because I wasn't healthy enough to do so. I hope everyone is understanding about this! For this month the hopeful plan is: between September 1-15: Broken Guns update worldbuilding PDF about the general background of this world (this was meant to be last month's 2nd update, Couldn't finish it. This is a little-read story of mine so I also apologize if you don't read this one, it's a steampunk-ish story but mostly reads like something set in 1800s London. It's posted in all my usual accounts if you have an interest in reading it) between September 16-30: Skiagraphia update PDF about the Warrior caste, including the structure of the military and the government If Skiagraphia doesn't get done, I will probably upload one of the millions of one-shots I have that are closer to being finished.