Hey all Patreon supporters! Thank you so much for your patience while we finish our next video. We had the opportunity to work with WB Games making an epic live-action piece for their upcoming "Shadow of Mordor" game, which is why we have been a bit off-the-map over the last few weeks. That video will release Monday on our channel, so stay tuned! After that, we'll be putting together a series of videos created with your help, which we'll begin releasing in October! Stay tuned for our behind-the-scenes, uploads, and obviously, your Patreon rewards, as we'll be releasing videos more regularly between October and the end of the year which are Patreon-supported. Also, there have been some questions regarding Patreon rewards for content that is made in cooperation with a brand, such as the Far Cry 4 video, or the upcoming Shadow of Mordor. To clarify, we WILL NOT use Patreon money for these videos, as we feel this would entirely undermine the philosophy of the site. We will ONLY be using Patreon money for our original YouTube shorts, as the support from you guys should go directly back into giving you what you wanna see, undisturbed by any brand presence. As creators, we must play the balance of branded content and original, purely artistic content. Your help on Superman With a GoPro and The Poacher was tremendous, and we can't wait to get back to that pure creative process in the near future. That's it for now! Remember, come back to our channel Monday to find out what we've been working on all this time! - Corridor Digital P.S. We've got new logos coming soon! They're pretty awesome.
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