Hello Patrons, What a great month. I got a bunch more streams in. I’m not totally back on schedule, but getting there. Had a small hiccup when my headset decided to die randomly, but I got a cheap replacement that will work for now. Maybe this is a sign that I should save up and get a proper mic to use in my ‘proper studio’. The studio is awesome. It still needs a door, some finishing work, proper lighting and some of those panels to help with acoustics, but is coming along amazingly. Still not worrying about the windows, they can wait. I need to pick up some hardware for the studio too. I need a router out here so I can connect more devices. Currently my streaming rig is the only system in the studio with a network connection. I need to setup a system to run the bot on and I wouldn't mind using my tablet PC for chat. (At time of posting this is done) The budget is pretty tapped out at the moment but between your help and a few extra hours at the old IT desk, we’ll be good. I shouldn't have to wait too long to get a router. It will take a bit longer to save up for a mic/headset. The bot has gotten some nice upgrades too. I added a bunch of new features and updated my overlay to do on-screen chat via the bot API. It’s so cool. I’m being indecisive and I have not launched the kickstarter for it. I dunno. It’s not really stream related, but the house is coming along too. Angela has redone the bathroom (well almost done) and it looks great. We just need to trim in the medicine cabinet and rehang the little mirror doors. As for the leak in the house, I have borrowed a harness and will be spiderman-ing around my roof to fix it. Not sure when I’m gonna do that, I’m a little freaked out. It’s steep! Thats pretty much the news. Thanks for supporting, it means a lot to me. <3