95: Analyze Your Wins with Doug Potter
Doug Potter has been playing competitive Magic for more than half his life. He’s from Edmonton, Alberta, home of Shaun McLaren and other sick MTG players. After making 9th place on tie breakers at his first GP in 2005 he’s gone on to play in 6 Pro Tours and has 1 Grand Prix T8 at GP Toronto 2016.

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First Set

4th Edition

Favorite Set


Favorite Card


Early Challenge

Elitism - thinking he was better than other players.

Doug had to learn how to respect his opponent's and even lost a few friends before this lesson sunk in.

Proudest Magic Moment

Being there for Alexander Hayne when he won his Pro Tour.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not enough players analyze the mistakes they made in games they won.

By doing this you don't have the negative emotions associated with a loss.

This helps you decompress wins in a healthy way.

Improvement Suggestions

Some players "get it" and others need to "find it" and grind. Where ever you fall in the Magic spectrum you can achieve your goals.

Healthy body, healthy mind. Hydration is important.

Connect With Doug Potter

Twitter: @DougPkr

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