$950 Goal Achieved! - New Apparel Designs Coming to the 4Player Store!
We officially achieved our first new goal since updating our Patreon Campaign! Starting this week, look for new designs and products coming to the 4Player Store (http://www.4playernetwork.com/store )!

First, we'll be debuting this beautiful and minimalistic new take on our logo which was designed by the same generous soul from our community who brought us the Scooter Brothers and Roach of Krondor shirts! You can check out his work portfolio here: ( http://brookerdesignco.com ). Look for the design in the store later today or tomorrow!

We have several other art projects in the work which we hope will find their way onto T-Shirts and Products in the coming weeks! Our next milestone ($1000) will introduce a new Bonus Podcast in the same style as Cocktail Time!  Thanks again for the support! 

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