After Western Sahara Vote, Morocco PR Hilale Refuses 2 Inner City Press Questions, Cites 225 Qs, 150 Articles
By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS,   April 28 – After several  delays, the UN Security Council renewed for one year the mandate of its  Western Sahara mission MINURSO at 6 pm on April 28. Final resolution put on Scribed by Inner City Press here.  After the vote when Morocco's Permanent Representative to the UN Omar  Hilale came to the UNTV stakeout, and after questions from Moroccan  state media, Inner City Press asked Hilale three questions, on Horst  Kohler as possible new envoy, on the C-24 Committee visiting the  regions, and what Morocco had accomplished by ousting the MINURSO  peacekeepers. 

Hilale rather than answering used the podium to, as he put  it, give some statistics. He said that Inner City Press has asked 225  questions about the conflict in the past year - quelle horreur --  and had had the temerity to write 150 articles about it. Inner City  Press pointed out that it has written more about other countries, such  as these days Cameroon. But Hilale went on from there. Camera video here. 

Hours  after the stakeout, the UN Department of Public Information has not  provided Inner City Press with the UNTV mp4 video of Hilale's stakeout,  while providing it of all other stakeouts of the day. While pro-Morocco sites got the raw UNTV video, UN DPI told Inner City Press: "Play the webcast on PC and record with your phone or camera."  It was to the DPI  that Hilale's Moroccan mission made a frivolous complaint  about Inner  City Press taking photos at the stakeout; it was this DPI which evicted  Inner City Press and still keeps it restricted, trying to give its long  time shared office to an Egyptian state media which rarely comes in and  never asks questions. This zero, apparently, is a count that Hilale,  Morocco and its state media are most comfortable with.

  As to the pro-Morocco online trolls, it's strange how they remain focused on former Security Council members and not, for example, current member Uruguay which to its credit wants human rights monitoring in Western Sahara. We'll have more on this.

  In front of the UN Security Council's Western Sahara closed door consultations on April 25,  Inner City Press asked French Ambassador Francois Delattre   why there is no human rights  monitoring in the mandate of  the MINURSO mission, as urged by for example Amnesty  International. Delattre said human rights "is in our DNA,"  but said there are many ways   to work for human rights. Video here.  

 Up on the UN's 38th floor o April 28 after a photo op  of UK Boris Johnson and Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Inner City  Press spotted Uruguay's ambassador. He has been pushing for human rights  monitoring, DNA or no DNA. But down at the stakeout of the Security  Council, the questions to him concerned mostly a reported missile firing  by North Korea. Watch this site.