End of April Update
Hey friends, Lindar here:

After the Daily Doodle project I've been a bit drained and haven't had a lot of energy to do much of anything creative. We're looking for people to start working with collaboratively, either on games projects, or working with other musicians. We're also investigating artists to work with us on an album/art (and potentially comic series) project.

While we're doing the legwork in building up to bigger things, we're also going to be focusing on smaller projects that are just for fun. Alex has been nagging me to do video stuff with her, and frankly I'm not super comfortable being on camera, so we're finding a kind of compromise.

We recently invested a lot of money into new equipment for the studio and we're still not done, but we're excited to work things into new projects. One of the new things we got was a melodica, because we've both been into Omniboi lately (who you absolutely should check out if you haven't), so I quickly pieced together a little background chiptune thing for her to play along to. (She's still learning how to improv and I think she did a decent job considering what's in the video is maybe the third or fourth take.)

We'll probably play around with this medium a little bit more and see what works.

alex here:

hey! so i'm all about doing live audio with digital loops and i think we're gonna do a lot more of these instagram videos, but i also really wanna explore video songs and junk like that. we got a go pro sitting on this desk ain't been used in months and i think we should make something with it.

also looking into getting vocals into some of the new stuff, which means working on my own vocals (slow going) and finding vocalists to work with. we got a couple folks we're talking to now and we're just trying to find the right project to fit them into.

on the equipment front one of the new things that we got is a five string bass guitar. the old one we had was bad to start but i got like half way through fixing it and just kinda gave up on it, cut my losses. the new bass definitely makes a difference in metal and math rock tracks, but there's been an ongoing issue i've had with finding the right tone, and i think i figured out where the problem was coming from, just not how to fix it yet.

in like the last few months every guitar and bass track we did sounded wrong to me and i always chalked it up to bad guitar tone, but since we recorded with the new bass i noticed this HUGE hole in the mix. i'm still working it out but this is definitely a good thing because that huge hole in the mix is the space i can use to work out a better guitar tone without sacrificing the bass track.

we also got a banjooooo and i'm extra jazzed about doing something with it. our lovely occasional producer is also writing a multimedia novel/comic kind of thing and we're going to be producing the soundtrack as gets developed. so in addition to banjo there's gonna be a lot of improvised percussion, slide guitar, drone vocals, hollers, and just a whole bunch of desert punk.

Well, that's it from us at Studio Thumpy Puppy!

We love hearing from our listeners, so if you have any questions, feedback, or requests, please go ahead and leave a comment for us and we'll scope it out!