My next painting will be a Magpie...
I love magpies.  

I first remember them in Colorado.  My first husband and I raised our young children up a canyon right outside of Durango, Colorado and these birds, were loud and fun to watch. Always in family groups except in late winter, early spring.  Some people there didn't like them, but I did and do.  

We.,  my honey and I have a pair that nest in our woods, here in northern New Mexico every year now and they are such a flashy, noisy at times, beauty of a bird.  

They are  one of the first,  or second to Scrub Jays, when it comes to table scraps...  They make lots of noise when there are coyotes around.  They push the limits with coyotes too,  I have some great images of coyotes rushing the magpies away from "their" scraps..... lol only until the Crows and Ravens show up.

So I've been wanting to include one of these magnificent creatures in my watercolor bird collection.

If you would like to join along and use this painting as a reference please do so and I hope you share it with us. I will be trying my hand at videoing the process, maybe even from drawing, to picking colors, to paper size, which I think will be 9x12.

See you soon



ps if you click my name it will take you to my Original watercolor section in my Etsy shop.  I do have a few bird paintings left.