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 A new cartoon! This is one of those cartoons that's about an issue currently in the news, so I'm making it public immediately. Everyone, please feel free to share this immediately, if you'd like.

I was consciously playing around with the art style as I drew this, drawing the left-hand figure with wacky face expressions and huge body language while trying to keep the right-hand figure very cool and controlled. On the whole, I was trying for a cleaner, more graphic approach than my usual cartoons. 

Thanks, as usual, to my patrons. I'm not affiliated with any daily newspaper, so I have no market for a strip like this; I really couldn't afford to do this without the support I get from Patreon. So, again, thank you. And special credit-in-the-sidebar thanks to $10 supporter SocProf. (SocProf, if you'd like a print-quality copy of this cartoon, send me a message.)