Hay everyone, rewards have been sent out already!

Whaaaat a month! I hope it went better for you all than it did for me. I'll admit outright I didn't get to either of the things I'd hoped to in last month's update, namely, either the new tea label or the character sheet template. In fact I started a whole bunch of stuff which was cool... But didn't finish a bit of it! Because of this, I've decided to go ahead and open character sheet commissions in the next few days, regardless! 

I at first became enamored with the idea of a unified look to all character sheets I make, and thus, creating some kind of a very organized template I could refer to was the first thing on my mind. But... this became such a monumental task that I barely had any impetus to work on it, not being able to predict just how much use it would even see. It's still possible, in the future, that I may do something like this, but ultimately I decided it's not my best use of time and energy. However, I will be sprucing up the sketch that was posted* a couple months back as a sort of guideline for the sheet and possible details that a client might request. 

So in the next couple days, I will be officially opening that option for purchase! Pricing of this sort of thing is a bit tricky to decide and, in my opinion, scalar depending on how much detail the client wants. For that reason, I will be offering a standard option and price here on patreon, but as with all my art, I am open to price flexibility for more or less complex pieces, and can accept payment through both paypal and squarecash. Just like with anything, all you need do is contact me  regarding more customized stuff and we can probably figure something out!

Not much else to report on my front, other than I have a few cool things in the works now.* I'm super happy that spring has begun in earnest where I live, so I'll do my best to keep drawin' to keep my mood up! Thanks everyone for your unending support n patience all this time!! 🐝

*Hint hint shameless plug, $1 a month entitles you to seeing all my unfinished stuff! Quite a little archive is already forming, and you will have access to all past and present doodles! Sometimes doodles even show a sneak peek of exclusive wallpapers! GAAAASP