Developer's report - 2017 April
New stuff I have been working on:

Photos - You can upload photos to your tournaments.

Hide weekly events from map. Weekly events are hidden from the map by default. You can see them out by unmarking the checkbox.

Featured tournaments. There is a section dedicated to featured tournaments on the "Upcoming" and "Results" page. I'm handpicking these tournaments myself. Interesting or big tournaments, photos, videos and a patron TO are preferred.

New badges. I added competitive badges (regionals, nationals, worlds)  for 2017 and the "Daily Business Material" badge.

Claims chart on profile pages. There's a new chart representing your tournament rankings over time on the profile page. (You can disable it in your profile settings.)

Tournament type icons - These icons and colours are used throughout the site to indicate tournament type.  (They were only used on the Profile page previously.)

Various bug-fixes and UI improvements

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