99 Cent Gaming is 100+ Subscriber Rich!
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the Patreon and also to those who have supported the YouTube channel up til now and those beyond! I've been able to get a nice legitimate looking URL for my channel...check it out!


The picture I'm using in this post is also part of a branding redesign to also celebrate the milestone. Soon there will also be a brand new channel trailer, a celebration video, and so much more (ecspecially to my backers).

Plans right now are to have more compact review videos for the public side, then the backers will have access to the raw uncut footage for you to point and laugh at with the others.

I hope you'll enjoy the ride as I dive deeper into the 99 cent and below catalog, and no matter if you are a backer, a subscriber, or even just a very...thank you all so much for the support.