General update post! A few things have changed since I moved. The biggest one being that the postal service here sucks, so I can't ship rewards until I visit home in December. I hope to arrange a shipping partner back hope at this time, so that I'll be able to continue to ship any premade rewards as well as any other store items I leave with my partner back home. I've also tweaked paid post requirements: I’ve decided to be more flexible regarding the sizing of my paid posts, as long as I feel I’ve devoted a good chunk of time to finishing something, and it turned out well, it will be a paid post. Paid post paintings will rarely be smaller than 5” x 7” or 4” x 6”, but if I devote a good chunk of time to painting something smaller, like an ACEO that I think turned out really amazing it might also be a paid post. Gifts, commissions, WIps, doodles, studies, etc. will be free. I have a lot of time for painting right now, and I hope to finish somewhere between 2 - 4 fully detailed paintings per month. Some of these may be commissions, and therefore not paid posts. Make sure you set a maximum budget if you don’t want to pay more than once or twice a month! Current Reward Goals met: $40: one giveaway per month $50: At least once per month - week long patreon exclusive coupon of at least 10% off in my store. Goals not met: $150: Along with previous goal rewards, I will do at least two giveaways per month, instead of one. At least one will be a small piece of original art. I am also considering doing a yearly giveaway of a medium to large custom painting if I ever get a larger group of patrons together. To count all of the pledges made throughout the year, and use a random number generator to select someone who pledged at some point during the year, even if they're not around anymore. I'm thinking one dollar equals one entry? I just need to make sure I have enough somewhat steady money coming in to be able to devote the time to something like that.
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