A3 designs: Chapter 3 Pg2

We really can't talk about these two creatures without first mentioning the great moss plains that compose most of the surface area of the Astray3 world. 

These mossy expanses are virtually flat and relatively firm. ( Just imagine an endless expanse of short grass stretching to the horizon. ) This creates an ideal environment for ground effect style vehicles. ( Google "ground effect" sometime. ) This allows many of the creatures on the plains to make use of the phenomenon to attain higher speeds. 


Trallecks are the more insect like members of the trallk family. More mobile and predacious than their smaller cousins, they can usually be seen zooming between large trallk forests or chasing light sources. As stated earlier, they use ground effect to skim along the ground. A series of glands and air sacs pump rapidly in the tralleck's abdomen to create an air jet to boost it along. A tralleck can skim for days if properly hydrated with soume. ( We will talk about soume in the future. ) 

A natural grown talleck may reach the size of an average car or cargo truck. Certainly nowhere near the size of the above example. But, the inhabitants of Astray3 have figured out ways to manipulate the size. 

The above example represents a cultivated tralleck. These are purposely raised to enormous proportion to become quick moving vessels. ( I'll save the technical aspects of steering and maintaining trallks for a future installment. ) These "repurposed" trallecks will be utilized for a variety of missions. Normally, they will be used to patrol stretches of the moss plain, as special couriers, or VIP transports. In battle they will harass and corral the enemy for the heavier battle-tralleg's artillery.

This particular Tralleck belongs to the Gomradi fleet operating out of Phuungahi. The gold "Gomradi" symbol on the wing covers denotes it's allegiance. The colored bands on the upper wing covers are squadron markings. The area surrounded by the fly like windows is the helm. The tower about mid-tralleck is for observation and the artillery spotters. On the back deck can be seen some of the trallecks armaments. These are onager style torsion catapults. They will fling heavy stones or burning balls of pitch. ( Fire is deadly to Trallks of all flavors. It can even be dangerous to the vessel firing the flaming missile. ) The covers on the sides of the "ship" portion hide ports for torsion, ballista style weapons. A string of flags for signallingl other vessels is strung from the observation tower to the back deck. Last of all there can be seen a crossbar on the back deck for landing Harkaas. 


Avreels are a common sight on the great plains. Roaming in noisy flock, they are constantly looking for trallk forests to exploit or any unfortunate thing that looks edible. Their compact, thickly muscled "wheels" driving them onward as their bodies lean forward, ventral wings spread, to ride a cushion of air. In this way an Avreel can attain speeds equivalent to Earth cars. 

Few races on the planet have learned how to tame these finicky avians. The Muradjinn in particular utilize the birds in all manner of endeavors. Avreels are used as mounts for scouts and cavalry. In some particular instances the Muradjinn may use them to power machinery. Encaging them in large wheels to turn gears.