A3 designs: Chapter 3 Pg3. Amungadda and Trallegs


Trallegs are the larger members of the trallk family; composed of multiple trallks growing symbiotically together. Natural trallegs are a common sight on the great mossy plains. Usually formed when huddled trallk forests are experiencing times of scarcity or harsh conditions. By forming a communal being, the trallks can gather more soume, animal refuse, and other resources to nurture the whole. Trallegs also enjoy a much longer life than individual trallks; Since the tralleg can draw on much more than the individual soil reservoir that limits the lifespan of a single trallk. There are rumors of trallegs that are more than a millennia old. ( For some of the roving metropolises of the Muradjinn this is an established fact. )

Each race on the world of Astray3 utilizes trallegs in some fashion. From cargo haulers to battleships, these artificially created trallegs ply the open plains. Tralleg "vessels" can be massive in scale or crafted from just a few trallks to serve as mobile homes or personal transport. The quality can vary greatly too. The Gomradi and Arachant trallegs look like little more than a bunch of large trallks lashed together to form crude platforms for cargo and siege weapons. The curious Swete have small elegent trallegs they use to explore the great plains. But, none can compare with the mastery of trallk-craft exemplified by the Muradjinn. They seem capable of symbiotically guiding the tallks into whatever form they desire; much to the chagrin of every other plain fairer. Whether this is due to knowledge accumulated over generations or, as Muradjinn legend has it, gifted to them by the god Sofullam no one can say. However, the grim truth is that no other race has been able to replicate their achievements. Giving the Muradjinn an almost insurmountable advantage on the mossy expanse. 


The roving city states of the Muradjinn

Seen in the background of page three chapter three, Amungadda represents the major Muradjinn power in the part of the Astray3 world our story concerns. A tralleg in the most extreme sense of the word, it is a mass of stone, lashed together by the trunks of innumerable trallks and borne on the back of five great beast-like tralks. The proud home to hundreds of thousands of Muradjinn, it implacably plods the open plains shepherding it's vast trallk forests; always on the look out for fresh targets for raids and plunder. It is said that the ruins at the heart of the roving city come from a time before the foreign demons invaded their ancestral lands. That it was the god Sofullam herself that pulled the great city up by the root and placed it in a cradle she formed from the first trallks. Thus the Muradjinn where able to escape the cataclysm and thrive. This is unverifiable by modern historians, but it is what Amungadda's residents hold true. 

To those outside the Muradjinn, the silhouette of one their walking cities is a thing of dread. Only the largest convoys will dare keep a city like Amungadda within eyesight. Small flotillas and vessels are wise to flee or take inconvenient, circuitous routes, lest the city's occupants spot them. When a vulnerable target is located, the Muradjinn will send waves of raiders out to overwhelm their prey. Killing or capturing the crew while stripping everything valuable from their tralleg. Afterwards, they will scuttle the offending vessel. Leaving it's remains on the plains as a warning to other would be crossers.

However, The cities that make their home on the rocky shores lining the great moss plains have less to fear. Trallks and their kind shun the rocky, desert beaches and the Muradjinn will not risk bringing their precious home close to land based artillery weapons; only on extremely rare occasions, if the shore city is especially vulnerable, would the Muradjinn consider a land based raid. Thus, in most cases, when a Muradjinn city approaches another people's desert shore settlement it is for trade purposes. While the Muradjinn despise most of the world's inhabitants and have no merchant class to speak of, trade is the only way they can acquire metal, gems, and stone. As such, they will not raid in an area they plan to conduct trade around. In this designated "commerce" zone, Muradjinn envoys will approach settlements or cities annually to barter for needed materials. ( Or if the situation allows, intimidate the inhabitants into giving them what they want. ) In return, the Muradjinn offer trallk based goods, farm products, slaves ( Captured in raids. ), misappropriated items and news from the outside world. A logical mind might assume denying crucial materials to the Muradjinn would be in the best interest of all the disparate peoples of the world. However, The Astray3 world is a fractious one where avoiding their raids while benefitting from there predations on rival civilizations is often desired. Thus this erstwhile commerce with the most hated of adversaries is reluctantly welcomed.