Abandoned : A tale of forgotten lives version 0.35 public version
As promised here is the new public version of my game for everyone =)

Currently we have over 12000 vn frames in over 500 vn events in the game.

Change log : 0.30 to 0.35

- Added : About 1500 VN frames (free roaming mode)
- Added : Alien plant generic events
- Added : Parasite event for Aemi and Vivian
- Added : Enema machine event for Aemi and Vivian
- Added : A communication  device to call the girls (talk with Aemi to get it)
- Added : Vivians red strap suit to re-equip for Vivian
- Added : Event to remotely activate the vibration dildos (use communication device from Aemi and find the old vibrator controler before)
- Added : An alternative of my spellcorrection tool to the zip package , created by Alexandr Romanenko
- Added : All gifs i have every created for the game in the zip package
- Added : A simple loading screen for the game
- Applied : Bugspray..

I also added a new post-process image effect called *Beautify* to the game and in my mind now it looks better. (you can deactivate it in the graphic menu!)

Unfortunately i set the audio volume a bit to high in my savegame before the hydrponic deck story please use the savegames with caution to your ears ^_^.

And.. please tell me if you have fund a bug so i can apply even more bugspray!

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