As many of you are visiting primarily from my instagram, I can safely presume you know what this project is about. However by viewing it here, you get to see the full quality images, over the compressed lower quality that is unfortunately featured on Instagram. 

Now to those of you who are newer to my work, buckle up and enjoy. 

Abbey Meadow is a project I started in autumn 2016 based on an organic permaculture farm in Brixham, Devon. As many of you are aware there are several types of farming in modern soceity. Production Farming and Organic Farming are probably those that spring to mind, but ask yourself, have you ever heard of Permaculture?

Permaculture is a new way of farming which is pretty simple to explain. It essentially means everything we plant, everything we use, gets re used or replanted, it's as simple as that. Permaculture is a way of farming using the natural flow of nature to produce everything we need for our survival. Research and developments in recent years have also concluded that if done right; permaculture could be more productive than factory farming and normal farming combined all while protecting the environment rather than destroying it. 

I hope you enjoy!



Graphic Design by Jonathan Carus