Abby Yates Sketch (Ghostbusters)
I wanted to just ask if you guys could figure out who this was without me telling you (so I'd know if I did a good job), but then I remembered you have to be reeeeaally specific with your titles on here if you ever want someone to find your works in the search. xD So I blew it.

Anyway, this is the first sketch I've tried of a human Ghostbuster, and it's Abby. I know she looks a bit too young/cutesy, but...idk, that's the only way I know how to human. xD You see, all of my humans are basically Sora, but with traits added to make him into someone else. I AM A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST AND PEOPLE PAY ME TO DO THIS isn't that frightening???

I hope to get better with humans so I can draw all the pretty pairings I love. >:] (All series, not just this one)