Abel's First Story... with Abel V from Brussels
When I was getting ready to put the Elska Brussels edition together, I had a second read of the text Abel wrote for us and it didn't feel right. I know I say that the Elska boys can write about anything they want, but still Abel's felt a bit abstract and philosophical for my taste. So I asked if he could write something a bit more casual and a bit more personal.

He did, and that's what's published in the final issue. However, I did want to share his original story with you because it still reveals something about his character. So here it is...

Time itself is eternal yet we are not. But like time, our beliefs and dreams are able to persist.  So far, we have come to a point where many of us are able to be free and live the life they want to. We have fought for a long time, people listened, people started to care and most of all, people started to accept.  

Humans’ greatest ability is to love. Love is the purest emotion we can develop and it shouldn’t matter for whom we develop it. There should be no questioning if it’s right or wrong to love him or her. Love is never wrong and love needs no justification.   Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way and that’s why people all over the world need to vindicate why they choose to love the way they love. I really hope that the future generations who will walk on the path we paved, will have it easy. I hope that they don’t need to do this process of « coming out » anymore. I hope that they don’t need to give explanations anymore. I hope that they’ll be finally equal to anyone else. This is my belief and I hope that it will transcend with time and flourish whenever the timing is ripe.    

My name is Abel, twenty-three years old and I live in Brussels. I am a student in Human and Social Sciences, I like writing, music and work as a model from time to time for some artistic and alternative projects. Coming to Brussels to pursue my studies was one of the best decisions that I took. I have learned a lot about myself coming here and living on my own. I can clearly see how I evolved as a person and how comfortable I got to be in my own skin.  

Writing is one of my biggest passions. I love writing songs and putting my heart and soul on paper. One of my dreams would be to work as a songwriter. As stated before, I work as a model sometimes and am signed to the Belgian based model agency Flag Models. It’s an interesting thing to do because you’re able to switch into different roles all the time and you meet lots of new people. 

Overall, I’d say that I am a creative person and always need to do different things to be satisfied.  Like everyone else, I love spending time with my friends, watching movies (Black Swan is my favorite movie), reading books (I recommend The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison! Le Petit Prince is among my favorite books too) and listening to music (It’s Britney Bitch). Ice cream and other sorts of deserts are my little guilty pleasure. Oh and McDonald’s too (unfortunately, I know..).  What am I gonna do now? Perhaps enjoy a glass of wine, enjoy some music and think about how proud we can all be of each other. Thanks Elska Magazine for having me and making me part of your journey.  

Instagram : @abel.xo.x 

Soundcloud : Saint Heart Gold