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A year ago, I was commissioned to write a game for limited release. That game was called Abnormal, and it was about body horror. It was about social isolation and self-loathing and dysmorphia. The rights were returned to me earlier this year, and I began reworking the text and revising the rules. I hired Soren Melville to complete new card art and cover graphics ($365 of this Patreon release is in Soren's hands). Abnormal is now ready for release here. To play you'll need to print the six custom cards, find a d4, and gather up eight tokens. I'm really happy with this game. It feels constrained in a way that I like. You might notice I've made some oft-frowned-upon design choices in this game. Only one player makes mechanical choices. The fiction doesn't inform the mechanics in a meaningful way. That's... I'm okay with that. It's a fun game that produces shudder-worthy results in a short play time (50-90 minutes!). Because we're weird, Soren and I decided it would be rad to release the game with two cover variants. One features a lone figure and crushing sensory phenomena. The other features lovers unsure how to move forward. I'm in love with both.
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