Abolish CIA,Trump Inauguration Death?,Christian Fail,Blatty,Exorcism,Loan Fail-Correct Views 1/20/17
Greetings Unsettled Souls,

     'Tis Sam Di Gangi of The Media Speaks, the Conservative Daily Post, Blasting News, and the band Passing Time with;

The CIA has lead to so many bad calls, wars, and assassination ploys that many feel that we would better off without it;

A close friend of the Clinton's threatens to kill Trump, as others hope to do during the inauguration,

America has become VERY MUCH less Christian since the election of Obama;

Which leads us into talking about the death of the man who wrote the Exorcist (and the funniest film ever, "A Shot In The Dark", oddly enough);

Which leads us into talking about the man who priest who put the factual parts of the story in ALSO dying;

Then our dumbdee fail of the day dealing with student loans