About books
Good day everyone,
Hope you been well, let us start.

About books, thing here is, you want to read as much as possible, but also, same thing with the websites, do as much due diligence as possible. There is a saying among traders. Those who trade, trade. Those who cannot, sell. 

However, in my opinion, sticking to the classics like Jesse Livermore, W.D Gann and Edwin Lefevre are all pretty safe bet.

I have probably read hundreds of books, and I m still reading. If you were to ask me, what I have read or where I have read what, I am not able to remember nor explain much. But if there are specifics that I remember, key details or concepts. I might.

The point is, you do not need to read everything in detail. Read enough, to form a picture, and go from there.

I have had people ask me, what market and instrument should I trade? My answer have always been, go read, find out more, explore and then decide. That in my opinion is one of the most perfect application for books. You get a very broad view from books, and excellent concepts that you can branch out on. However, bear in mind the saying above.

Also, those books on psychology, warfare, nutrition. They will help you more then you can imagine. When shit hits the fan, only your training and experience can pull you through. 

Trust your instinct, believe in yourself. 

Work hard.