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Welcome to my main Patreon account! 

This account, Cachomon, is the alter ego of my main account called BlackCachomon. Both accounts will work as one when talking about Goals and Rewards, is just not really possible to have an account with both kinds of stuff :) so I do it for technical reasons. And this way, people who is not interested in NSFW stuff will be free of it as well as viceversa. 


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A Shimeji is a mascot for your computer screen. 

And this mascot can have the appeareance you want! 

And that's my task, to draw and animate all the actions of the wanted character! 

I created more than 150 Shimeji until now, and I am still improving my skills with every single new Shimeji I do! You can check all the Shimeji I've done until now here. As you can see I gave life to lots and lots of characters! Some of them official, some of them original characters, and the next character may be YOURS! Besides, sooner or later I will improve my 3D skills to create my own models for Shimeji, making me able to do 3D Shimeji! 


Why should you pledge me on PATREON?  

With your support I can convert ART my reason to live, without having to worry about getting what people calls "a normal job" anymore, because art CAN be a job, and a very pleasant one for both Artist and Customer. 

With this achieved I would please people with my art because it would be my official job! 

Creating art more frequently both for me and for you all, as well as getting better skills! Besides, the most cash I get from Patrons, the less I will need to get from Commissions :3 and this means that yes, Commissions prices will go down if we reach the proper Goals! And honest talking, if Patreon will not work fine enough, I will feel obligated to abandon art and find what people calls "a normal job"... which would make sad a lot of people, starting on myself, because my art is my life, and is what makes me feel alive. 

In other words, if you like what I do, you don't want me to stop doing what I do, and you think you can help, feel free to join and be one of my Patrons :3 



If there is something you must know, is that thanks to my team partner Kilkakon, the Shimeji are continuously being upgraded! 

Thanks to his hard work, the shimeji now can support asymmetric characters, can turn on or off the clones, can turn on or off the throwing windows ability, and in a future he will do amazing things as let us feed a Shimeji, let us pet it, let us put sounds, music and whatever we can think of! Imagination is the key :D you can read more about these here

Feel free to support him as well, if you can't help with cash, please give him a Follow or Feedback messages! :D 



As you may know, apart from Commissions I also do Collaborative Commission Projects, which instead of being paid by one person, whoever wants can donate until the amount is reached! :3 

Shortcut to all the current Projects: - soon - 


And who doesn't like Shimeji?  

Together we can make THE BEST ONES.♡ 

Every supporter means a lot to me! Thank you very much, really