About Comissions!!!
So you want to ask for a model?!

Anime, Cartoon, Realist, Surrealist, Baroque, Renaissance?! (actually, idk if I can do last three...)

Here is some tips and infos bout that.

Firstly, right now comissions are OPEN! Ask as you wish because I can do work right now!

How? So, you can CONTACT me in these forms:

-DM in patreon!

-DM in my Twitter account!

-DM and Add my in Discord ( find me as Peixoto21#3918 )!

-DM and Add my in Steam ( id as PhanRotom or Peixoto21)!

About Prices:

Cost is flexible, as not all concept of character are the same, and maybe they have some more features like texture change or props and more bodygroups.

An estimated price would be:

$70 for simple, low poly, or model with plain texture, few bones.

$100 for mid poly, complex/multi textured, have few bodygroups or props with the model, standart source biped bones.



$120 or more for high poly, complex estrutured characters,  complex/multi textured with a type of skin or animation, have lot of bodygroups or complex bones.